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What they say about us

  • Leia L. – Tampa, FL – Student
    "Upon seeing your reply in my inbox, I got butterflies in my stomach. When I saw the list of career suggestions I couldn't help but smile."
  • Dawn G. – Baltimore, MD – Student
    “I now feel confident in what I have chosen and what I will choose in the future. You have made a difference in my life. It feels so good to be confident in the choices that I've made and will make."
  • Katie B. – Bonita Springs, FL – Student
    "Thank you for your assistance! This was quite an eye opener. I am a 25 year old professional looking to change careers, so these are some great ideas. Thanks again!!"
  • Kay M. – Orlando, FL – Student/ user
    “I received both of your responses and I must say you did a great job on selecting the career choices for me. I have been interested in these careers as well. I must say this test is a good test to take & I thank you for helping me make some changes moving forward. I would recommend this test to anyone who is considering going into college or extending their career. Once again thank you for your time & effort you have invested in me."
  • Jerry Israel, Ph.D. Educator, Consultant
    “I have had the unique opportunity to serve as president and/or temporary president of three universities as well as a senior academic officer of several others. I also authored The 75 Biggest Myths about College Admissions, and can say without question that the combined platform of and provides a significant benefit to both school and student."